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Book Recommendation: Treasure Hunters series #iLoveMG

Welcome to #iLoveMG where I share middle grade books that my fifth graders recommend. (Please note that my fifth graders read a wide variety of books across a wide variety of genres, levels, and topics. Do not think that these books are "only" for fifth graders.) Or check out #3rdfor3rd for recommendations from when I taught third grade.

This series was so popular, two students chose it for their reviews. Enjoy!

Treasure Hunters

Recommended by Eli

Hola amigos (Hello friends),

The book that I am reviewing is Treasure Hunters by James Patterson. It is a series, so there are more books. The book is about four kids with different personalities have to work together to gather treasures after they loose their parents on the job.

The book was really engaging. I really enjoyed the plot and it was very hard to stop. We were driving around the Ningaloo Peninsula (in Australia, look at the link) and I had the time to do the reading.

Some kids loose their parents nowadays. They have a lot of challenges to deal with. This is similar to that.

If you like adventure, mystery, surprises and more, this is the book for you. I give it 5/5 stars. Hope you enjoy it!

Treasure Hunters

Recommended by Caleb

With six books in the series, you'll forget them once you reach the end.. so you can restart and have the same amount of fun.

The Treasure Hunters! series is by James Patterson. Genre: Adventure.

They're about these people named Bick, Beck, Storm, and Tommy Kidd. (Bickford, Rebecca, Stephanie, and Tommy.) They treasure hunt, but something happens, and they need a treasure to fix it.

The books have creativity, a drawing every few pages, and the plot hooks you on so much you'll read it an hour a day!

I have no connection to these books whatsoever, they are really unusual kids, but I like the book anyways..

If you like creative books with pictures every few pages about people treasure hunting named Bick, Beck, Storm, and Tommy, you'll LOVE these books!

In conclusion, this is probably my favorite book of all time and the rating is 5 stars!

Book 1: Treasure Hunters

Book 2: Danger down the Nile

Book 3: Secret of the Forbidden City

Book 4: Peril at the Top of the World

Book 5: Quest for the City of Gold

Book 6: All-American Adventure

COMING JUNE 8TH, 2020: Book 7: The Plunder down Under

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