Thursday, December 12, 2019

Imhotep! Original Song

While The Logonauts mostly focuses on my role as a teacher of reading and writing (and as a lover of books), I also teach social studies. My fifth graders study several ancient civilizations over the course of the year. We are just wrapping up our ancient Egypt unit.

One of their assignments was to perform an informative song for the class based on a specific person or event from ancient Egypt. Most students write a song parody ("Howard Carter discovered a tomb, discovered a tomb, discovered a tomb ..." to the tune of "Wheels on the Bus," anyone?), but this year one of my students wrote and performed an original creation.

He was so excited about it, that he asked if he could share it here with you. (Fair warning from his classmates and me, but it is *very* catchy. You may find yourself singing about Imhotep all day!)

(Click here for the direct file.) Please enjoy, and he'd love to hear your comments!

Statue of Imhotep from the MET, in the public domain

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