Diverse and multicultural books are a huge focus here at The Logonauts. This page provides links to previously published posts about such books and resources, organized by topics. (Click on Where Are We Reading? for a map-based list of books read aloud in my third grade classroom, including many multicultural books.)


US History

  • Juneteenth for Mazie - a young girl learns the history and meaning behind the holiday of Juneteenth

US History - Immigration

World History

  • Look What Came From series - these books focus on an individual country or continent and share the unique inventions and cultural contributions of this place through history


  • Teaching Geography with Poetry - this poetry book is my go-to resource at the beginning of the year for introducing students to several important geography concepts, including latitude and longitude.

Folktale Posts

Modern People and Cultures

Cultures in General

Books Set in Asia

  • King for a Day - this charming picture book is set in Lahore, Pakistan and introduces readers to the kite festival and fighting of the Basant festival. 
  • Summoning the Phoenix: Review - this collection of poetry and nonfiction information features unique Chinese musical instruments. The review includes videos and suggestions for making your own instruments.
  • Twenty-Two Cents: Review - introduce your child to the world of microfinance and the man behind Grameen Bank. This review also includes recommended books to pair with this one to encourage kids to think about how to make a difference and improve the lives of others.
  • Picture Books from India - collection of great picture books from India, including traditional tales, modern stories, and nonfiction
  • Mystery of the Golden Temple - this middle grade adventure novel set in Thailand features an African-American girl and her new Thai friend

Books Set in Africa

  • Emmanuel's Dream: a study of character - this book is based on the true story of a young boy named Emmanuel who is born in Ghana with only one good leg. Emmanuel is a boy who does not let his disability define himself or his character, and this book highlights his constant perseverance and determination.
  • Deep in the Sahara - is an immersive picture book told in second person, placing you, the reader, as young Lalla, a Muslim girl living in Mauritania in west Africa. During the course of the book, Lalla explores why she wants to wear the malafa like her mother and relatives.
  • The Red Bicycle - a powerful story of the life of one red bicycle and its multiple reincarnations through donation

Holidays and Religion

Languages and Poetry

  • Celebrating Bilingualism with Poetry - why write poems in only one language? Use this tri-lingual book to encourage your students to write and express themselves in all their languages.
  • Swahili Alphabet and Counting Books - a round up of several different Swahili language books that focus on counting and the alphabet in addition to introducing other Swahili words.
  • Amazing Faces: amazing poems - this collection of poems featuring diverse children and adults from the US is a great addition to any celebration of multiculturalism.
  • Indigenous Food Haiku - this book of haiku inspired by the indigenous plants of the Americas is a great way to talk to kids about where food comes from and to celebrate the contributions of Native Americans and other indigenous peoples.

    World Issues

    • The Power of Girls and Schools: text set - this collection of picture books focuses on the plight of girls and education through history and around the world, focusing on inspiring stories of girls who fought to get an education.
    • Biographies about People and Trees - these books share the stories of inspiring individuals who worked hard to preserve, plant, and protect trees and their environment.


    1. I'm excited about the new hashtag #diversekidlit for raising awareness of diversity in kid's lit.