Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Book Alert: Nightbird

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman (Publication date today, March 10, 2015, ARC provided via Net Galley). Nightbird is an incredibly bewitching tale of a novel that draws readers in through the intimate and unique voice of the narrator, 12 year-old Teresa, better known as Twig.

The story begins as a simple tale, but it does not take long for the deeper secrets and mysteries to begin to surface. Every town and every family has a history, and even events from hundreds of years ago can have impacts and resonate into our present day. Twig must learn to navigate an ever-changing landscape of small-town intrigues and unusual happenings.

This book reminds me of a mash up between The Secret Garden and Holes, and I mean that in the most complimentary of ways. The evocative descriptions of the local environment and the weather brought me back to the moors and the mysteries of The Secret Garden, while the importance of past family histories and hundreds of years old curses sings like Holes.

This middle grade treasure is a must-have for upper elementary and middle school libraries and classrooms and is likely to become a classic.

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