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Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy book review #iLoveMG

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The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy

Recommended by Pippa and Livi

[From Pippa]
My book was The Troubled Girls of Dragmir Academy. This book is written by Anne Ursu and it is fiction. This book has a very interesting plot line. Nobody notices Marya Lupu, mainly because her brother, Luka Lupu, could become a sorcerer if everything goes correctly. But when Marya does something terrible during his trial, and he is told that he doesn’t possess magic, Marya is shipped off to Dragomir Academy, a “school for troubled girls”. While there, Marya starts to uncover many mysteries, and when a close friend is arrested, and the horrible Dread, which comes in the night and leaves its victims bloodless corpses, threatens to attack the school, will Marya fight for her school or accept defeat? 

I loved this book so much because it is a frighteningly fun feminist fantasy that is especially hard to put down. This book will change your life forever and make you stand up for what you believe in. This book is beautifully written, and it feels like you are standing right next to Marya as she adventures through the halls. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes fiction and plot twists. Finally, I would give this book a 12 out of 10 because it is gripping and has great imagery.

[From Livi]

I really liked the book The Troubled Girls of Dragmir Academy by Anne Ursu. It is set in a fantasy world. 

Marya, just a town girl destined to be a maid at her to be a sorcerer brothers estate, makes a huge mistake when the other sorcerers come to test her brother for magical powers. Then she is sent for life to an academy for troubled girls. When she starts to find out more about the history of her land and the history a magic, she takes a journey, a daring rule breaking journey including courageous stunts and other magical things. 

The book is sad and happy with an ending that no one expects….

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