Saturday, April 2, 2022

Recommended: My Jasper June #iLoveMG

My Jasper June

Recommended by Lucy

The book that I read is called My Jasper June, which is a realistic fiction book, and it is by Laurel Snyder. The book is set in Atlanta and starts when 13 year old Leah has just finished school and has a whole boring summer looming ahead of her. Her friends stopped making eye contact with her, “afraid the sadness could rub off on them, or something,” after a horrible day last summer. Her family have all turned to “ghosts,” unlike the fun, laughing, parents she used to have. 

However, one day Leah meets a mysterious girl unlike any other, Jasper who Leah discovers also feels lost. As Leah learns some of Jasper’s secrets, they carve out a friendship and a secret “hideaway” in an overgrown space, away from their parents and hardships. But as the fun and exciting days start to fade away, darker realities become more apparent. Leah and Jasper have to decide whether their friendship can save them both. 

Meanwhile, Leah’s annoyance with how distant her parents are is increasing and might bubble over anytime. Can Leah solve everyone’s problems and keep Jasper safe as well? 

I really enjoyed this book because of how vivid the characters were. The author really conveys how annoyed, sad, and lonely Leah was. Laurel Snyder also does an excellent job showing how different Jasper’s situation is and managing to keep the plot interesting, with many problems in the book, but all surrounding a main type of lesson. Although there is some violence and an alcoholic character, I think Laurel Snyder still manages to keep the book not too dark. 

If you liked the book The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue by Karina Yan Glaser or the picture book A Stone Sat Still by Brendan Wenzel, you will absolutely love this book. All in all, I recommend this book to anyone who wants a story of friendship or just a very eventful plot. A 5 star rating for sure.

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