Saturday, February 8, 2020

Book Recommendation: Everlasting Nora

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Everlasting Nora

Recommended by Esme

Everlasting Nora by Marie Miranda Cruz is realistic fiction and is about a girl named Nora. Her house burned down and her dad died in the fire, so her and her mama have to live in mausoleum in a cemetery. Nora tries to get money by selling everlasting daisies, but it is hard for her to get money because Nora's mama has a habit of gambling. One day, Nora's mom doesn't come back and Nora and her friend Jojo go on an adventure to find her mom, but come across many obstacles, including some mean men.

This is a good book because it is a big adventure of her trying to find her mama and it is very exciting but also heartwarming, like it says on the cover of the book. Nora is also a very adventurous character so it is cool to see what she wants to do.

Everlasting Nora is also kind of like The Bridge Home, which is about two girls who leave their parents and go live on a bridge, but they find two boys who they become friends with. These books are kind of similar because they both are very adventurous and nerve wracking story. I also thing the main character, Viji, kind of has a personality like Nora's.

If you like adventures you should like Everlasting Nora. It is very exciting and surprising.

Everlasting Nora is one of my favorite books and you should read it!

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