Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Book Alert: A Seed is the Start

I love Melissa Stewart's incredible science books for children, so I was delighted when she contacted me via Twitter about reviewing her latest for National Geographic Kids: A Seed is the Start. (All thoughts are my own.)

There are many, many picture books out there that deal with seeds and plants, but they usually focus on how they grow or gardening. This book, instead, focuses on the process of propagation - how do seeds get from place to place. Each two-page spread features a different method, with one sentence in large print highlighting the method (i.e. Seeds drift.) and several paragraphs with more details.

The book is chock full of nonfiction text features. The explanatory paragraphs each have a bolded thesis statement that also serves as a heading for the rest of the paragraph. The illustrations are fabulously detailed photographs thanks to the National Geographic photographers, and there is a "words to know" section to open the book as well as an index and sources in the back.

This is a book that I am sure will feature in heavy rotation in elementary school science classrooms, and the writing and illustrations make it engaging enough that kids and families will want to read it on their own too. Definitely one to check out - and just in time for spring!

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