Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bravo! Poetry Friday Roundup

Welcome to this week's Poetry Friday roundup!

Quick intro: My name is Katie, and I am a language arts and social studies teacher in Wisconsin. I teach seventh grade language arts and previous taught both third and fourth grades. I have been holding weekly Poetry Friday time with my students for several years now, and it is one of my favorite things about teaching.


Today I wanted to share about this fabulous new book of poetry: Bravo! Poems about Amazing Hispanics (2017) by Margarita Engle and illustrated by Rafael López. Each biographical poem gives insights into the life, desires, and dreams of a different person, paired with a full-page illustration. The backmatter includes a list of "more and more amazing Latinos" as well as short biographical sketches about the individuals featured. [You can hear a podcast about the book here, All the Wonders. Thanks Laura for the heads up!]

There are so many things to love about this book! To begin, it's a great way to introduce readers to a wide variety of Hispanic people, including both well-known and lesser-known names from the past 300 years. The poems themselves are powerful and insightful, as you would expect from Margarita Engle. Finally, this would be an excellent mentor text for having students research and write their own biographical (or autobiographical) poems.

Final Stanza from "The Magic of Words" about Cuban poet José Martí

I say that each day is a poem.
Some hours are green and peaceful.
Others are red, like festivals or storms.
I love teaching children how to tell
their own stories.

Please leave your link and a description in the comments, and I will continue to update the post throughout the day. (If you have any trouble, drop me a line at katie at I look forward to reading all your amazing poems and posts; happy Poetry Friday!

Poetry Friday Roundup

Original Poems

Laura Purdie Salas shares a new/old poem, How to Make a Dog Live Forever, in honor of her beagle, Jack.

Linda Mitchell shares an original poem about mid-summer stress, along with some new picture books in her TBR stack.

Linda at Teacher Dance shares an original poem (and photographs) inspired by the end of her summer beach vacation with family.

Kiesha at Whispers from the Ridge shares an original poem inspired by the life of a dear friend, and she issues an invitation to all to use poetry as a way to soothe overwhelming emotions.

Author Kathryn Apel shares an original sollage and a collection of amazing family photographs. Great fodder for more poems!

Sharing, Reviewing, and Otherwise Celebrating Poems

Jan at the Book Seed Studio is hosting a Q&A with author / illustrator Lisa Desimini about her newest book, The Fleatastics. You can also win a copy (giveaway ends Mon. July 24th).

Linda Mitchell highlights an upcoming book by Pakistani-American poem Adeeba Shahid Talukder along with a link to one of her poems.

Laura Shovan shares about a new book, Into the Deep, Deep Brave, by three-year old poet Arthur. Laura's post also provides some background about Arthur's hyperlexia and the story behind his book's creation.

Brenda shares an original poem by Tabatha Yeatts that she received as part of the summer postcard swap. Part Narnia, part politics, pure pleasure.


  1. The bold cover makes me want to jump right into BRAVO! And Margarita Engle is a treasure. Appreciations for the alert to this. Thank you for hosting & for guiding those young poets.

    At Bookseedstudio please take a scratch at a doggone good Q/A with author/artist Lisa Desimini, about her new picture book, THE FLEATASTICS.
    Multiple copies to give away - please comment by this Monday, June 24.

  2. Thanks for hosting, Katie! I heard Margarita talk about this book on All the Wonders, and it sounds amazing. Thanks for reminding me--I'm off to put it on reserve. I'm in this week at with How to Make a Dog Live Forever, which I wrote a few years ago for an anthology (didn't make it in), but which is comforting me now with my not-doing-great beagle.

  3. Hooray for poetry Friday! I've had so much fun with poetry this week I wrote TWO posts 😊
    Bravo is a book I need! Thanks for highlighting it. Each summer I create a wish list for my library from books recced by colleagues-- I'm adding this one now!
    Thank you for hosting--and have fun with all the links. I always envision a playground. Now to go find that All the Wonders podcast Laura mentioned...

  4. Oops! Forgot to add my link!

  5. Thanks for hosting, Katie! i agree, Margarita's book is wonderful. I'm ending my beach time with a poem, on the way home on Saturday!

  6. Thanks for hosting this week. I'm looking forward to checking out Bravo. Margarita is a wonder! We're lucky to have her as our youth poet laureate.

    Today, I'm sharing a poetry book by Arthur H. Call. Arthur is a 3-year-old with Hyperlexia. I've been chatting with his mom, Sylvia. She stopped by my blog to explain what Hyperlexia is and why she decided to create a book of Arthur's poems.

  7. Sounds like an excellent mentor text, Katie! Thank you so much for hosting this week. I enjoyed learning more about you from your description. I currently work with third and fourth graders as a literacy specialist, but I am thinking of moving up to work with older students. Your excitement for the work you do inspires me to make the leap!

    Today at Whispers from the Ridge, I am sharing a beach poem that was written in loving memory of a dear friend. Expressing my emotions through writing really helped provide clarity throughout this difficult week. I invite others to try expressive writing whenever faced with a whirlwind of emotions as a way to nail down their thoughts and feelings.

  8. AnonymousJuly 20, 2017

    Hooray for Poetry Friday in the classroom! That's wonderful.
    'Bravo!' looks like a wonderful collection. I read Margarita Engle's 'Silver People' recently - am hoping to do a Poetry Friday post on it, soon. But not today. I've got news (x2) - and a very short poem inspired by some old family photos. #cuethememories

    Thanks for hosting, Katie - and the introduction. That was lovely!

  9. Happy Poetry Friday and thanks for hosting, Katie! Yay for Amazing Hispanics. I will look for this book. I love Margarita Engle.

    My link is at

    I am honored to be sharing Tabatha Yeatts' postcard to me, which was ideal for my site. She is talented and generous to write something so directly in line with my tastes.

  10. So happy to hear about "Bravo! Poems About Amazing Hispanics," by Margarita Engle, she's a favorite of mine, thanks for sharing it Katie; and for hosting Poetry Friday! I'm sharing summer haiku poems and an accompanying WIP watercolor of my asian lilies that have just opened at:

  11. Sharing a poem from the summer poetry swap and writing a response:

  12. Thank you for hosting this week. I am always looking for poetry books to add to my TBR. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Here's my post this week. We've been having a lot of thunderstorms lately so I decided to write about that.

  13. Hi Katie!!

    I love that you do poetry friday with your students! I'm doing a couple of writing programs this fall at work, and can't wait to tackle poetry with my young writers!

    This week I shared one of my favourite babytime poems -

  14. Katie, thank you for hosting Poetry Friday this week and showcasing Margarita Engle's newest poetry book, Bravo. I hope to meet up with her this fall at NCTE and hear a little bit more about her book.

    Today, I am posting an invitation to my newest gallery that I am designing, "Sunkissed Summer." In addition, some early Poetry Friday contributors' offerings are showcased in a mini-gallery-like setting. Please consider creating a digital inspiration, digitpoetry, and other options listed for the summer gallery.

  15. Hi Katie! Thank you for rounding us up today and sharing Margarita's book!

    I have poems from the summer poetry swap also, by myself and Iphigene from Gathering Books:

  16. AnonymousJuly 21, 2017

    Happy Poetry Friday! Thank you for hosting today, Katie, and sharing Margarita Engle's new book. Bravo sounds like an amazing collection.
    Today I'm sharing Fibonacci poem about a surprise in my backyard.

  17. Thanks for hosting, Katie, and for highlighting "Bravo." It looks wonderful and I'll definitely be checking it out.
    Today I'm sharing a splash of Ogden Nash.

  18. I'm looking forward to reading Margarita's book, so thanks for spotlighting it - and thanks for sharing, as well. Over at RR&R, just a little light verse today...

  19. Thanks for your review and for hosting this wonderful Poetry Friday session this week!
    I'm offering "A Rhino Whine" this week. Everyone needs a rhinoceros at their house. Thanks Mary Lee Hahn for the inspiration for this one!
    Mainely Write: A Rhino Whine

    1. I really got a good chuckle out of this poem. I hope you send it out to the bigger world.

  20. Hi Katie! At Random Noodling I have a little ditty inspired by Emily Dickinson. And, Kurious Kitty has a poem by Herman Melville about the First Battle of Bull Run/Manassas. Have a great weekend--I hope it's not too hot where you are. Here in NH it is an inferno (only a slight exaggeration).

  21. Thanks for hosting today, and for sharing about BRAVO. It looks like a fabulous poetry book. I love biographical poems and would love to try writings some. This volume looks like an excellent place to start learning.

    I have a poem in progress today that captures some of the memories from our vacation this week:

  22. Thanks for hosting! I have a wonderful Jane Kenyon poem today.

  23. Katie,
    Thanks for hosting the Roundup today. And thanks for sharing BRAVO, Margarita Engle's anthology of Cuban poets.
    I'm featuring the Summer Swap poem I received from Jone Rush MacCulloch about chicory, with her beautiful photo.
    And, as always, I have a Poetry Challenge,too.
    I'm at

    1. I took your challenge... that was fun!

      This will help!

  24. Thanks for rounding us all up this week, Katie! Love your write up on BRAVO, and can't wait to get a closer look. This week I offer up a found tanka about a very special hike we took last week on the Jurassic Coast!

  25. Thanks for hosting today, Katie. And thanks for showcasing BRAVO - it looks amazing. Here's my contribution, a poem about the writing life:

  26. What a great-looking book! Thanks for sharing; I hadn't seen that was on its way. Love Jose Marti's lines about the color of hours so much!

    I'm in today with Summer Poem Swap gifts from Margaret Simon: Paradis de Paris!

  27. Hi Katie. Thanks for hosting! BRAVO sounds like an interesting and insightful book.
    My Poetry Friday contribution today is about a trip to the dentist. "Bridge" is here:

  28. Thanks for hosting, Katie, and for another look at BRAVO. I love that book so much and was just looking at it again yesterday! Great minds! My post today is a quick look at the July issue of the NCTE journal LANGUAGE ARTS which is entirely devoted to POETRY!

  29. I was able to grab an advanced copy of Bravo last fall at NCTE. Margarita Engle was on a panel that I co-chaired. Her story of being a Cuban-American is touching.
    Today I am sharing a gift of poetry from Keri Collins Lewis as well as my own love poem. My husband and I will celebrate 35 years in a few weeks. Thanks for hosting.

  30. YES! I love this book for all the reasons you named, but especially for Engle's broad definition of "amazing."

    I've got an original poem today that ponders time and timing, inspired by today's Writers Almanac poem.

  31. Thanks for hosting! I'm sharing the words of Mary Jo Bang at my blog, Bildungsroman:

    1. I have the hardest time figuring how to comment on your blog....I do read often. Wanted to send you a thanks for sharing the poem about life being behavior instead of a thing.

  32. Katie, thanks so much for doing the roundup this week--and good for you for doing Poetry Friday with your students!!!

    At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original poem about dawn that needs some revision. I decided to post it anyway.

  33. Good morning Katie. Thanks for hosting this week, and thanks for sharing this fabulous new book by Margarita Engle. I teach at a dual language (Spanish and English) school and this sounds like one we definitely need to add to our library!! I'm in with "Quietness" by Rumi.

  34. I love the stanza you shared. Yes, each day is a poem. My son is leaving for college tomorrow so I am sharing roots and wings today. Thank you for hosting this week.

  35. Thank you for hosting today and sharing a new to me poetry book. Today I'm sharing Haiku #10 for the summer.


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