Wednesday, May 17, 2017

7th Grader Review: The Last Cherry Blossom

My seventh graders recently each chose a book to read related to their study of China and Japan in Social Studies, and they were challenged to come up with a unique way to share their thoughts about the book with the class.

Ananya read Kathleen Burkinshaw's The Last Cherry Blossom, which she loved and finished up with a lot of time to spare for her presentation. She come up with the idea of presenting some of the major points from the book through the perspective of the main character, Yuriko, using Instagram.

** Warning: some spoilers follow!  **  (Although, to moderate the spoiler effect, some character names have been changed around to intentionally confuse you, should you choose to read the book.)

The full poster book review with the book cover on the "cell phone"

The Last Cherry Blossom

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I loved this idea! Have you ever had students use Instagram or other social media apps to share about books?


  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2017

    This is an especially fine book review. You went to extreme measures to do a fine book the justice that it deserves. Thank you. I loved the book and I am so proud of Kathleen B., the author. I am also very proud of you, Ananya, the author of this review.

  2. I commented on your post somewhere because I love the project you did with your students around Kathleen's book. This is one of my favorite reads this year. I have given it as a gift to several tweens. Was at a conference last week and was asked by parents/grandparents what my favorite MG suggestions were -- and this topped my list. Teens need to know the human side of this horrific event because they will be our future world leaders. No on wins in war.

  3. What a unique book review, love it! Thanks for sharing on #diversekidlit.


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