Saturday, December 24, 2016

Mock Newbery 2016: contenders, part 3

Part 3 is the third and final part of this year's Mock Newbery list (click here for Mock Caldecott). These are the books that are on my to-be read (TBR) stack, so I do not yet have reviews. Are any of these your favorites?

Mock Newbery 2016: the to be read stack

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook (2016) by Leslie Connor.

Full of Beans (2016) by Jennifer L. Holm. I haven't yet read this prequel to Turtle in Paradise, but I thoroughly enjoyed that story and expect great things from this one as well!

Makoons (2016) by Louise Erdrich. Likewise, Makoons is the fifth (and final, I believe) book in the series that began with the incredible Birchbark House.

Paper Wishes (2016) by Lois Sepahban. This historical fiction novel takes place in a Japanese internment camp. I am about halfway through this one and look forward to seeing how it all wraps up.

Towers Falling (2016) by Jewell Parker Rhodes. The fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 brought a slew of books focused in or around the event, and this one seems to have risen to the top of discussions geared towards middle grade.

The Wild Robot (2016) by Peter Brown.

Wolf Hollow (2016) by Lauren Wolk. Waiting to find the right time in the next few days to curl up with this one.

So, what are your favorites for this year's Newbery?

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  1. I just finished Full of Beans this morning--a bit of a slow start for me but ended up loving it. I've never read Turtle in Paradise but now I'm very eager to get to the library and check it out. There are several top contenders that I haven't gotten to yet, including Wolf Hollow and Wild Robot--both sitting on the TBR pile right by my computer this morning! I've got a lot of reading to do before the big announcements!


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