Sunday, August 16, 2015

Books I Want to Add to my Classroom Library

I was inspired to put together this post after seeing the recent series by Franki (also a third grader teacher) on books she is adding to her classroom library: new series books and new books in favorite series.

Books I Want to Add to my Classroom Library

These are all books or series that I have read this summer, and many of them have previously been reviewed here at The Logonauts. My third graders read at a wide range of reading and interest levels, which is reflected in the books below. In addition, I am always trying to tame the envious third grade beast of "reading faster, reading thicker" and love finding quality, engaging books that don't require hundreds upon hundreds of pages to get through.

Marty McGuire (series). Realistic fiction story about a third-grade girl. There are currently three book in the series. (Read the full review here.)


Ranger in Time (series). Historical fiction series set in different times, visited by a failed search-and-rescue golden retriever named Ranger. Book one is set on the Oregon Trail, and book two is in ancient Rome. Book three, on the Freedom Trail, will be out in December with more to follow. (Read the full review here.)

Shelter Pet Squad (series). Realistic fiction series about a girl who wants a pet but cannot get one, so she starts volunteering at a local animal shelter. Book two: Merlin is available at the end of September. (Read a review by one of my students from last year here.)

Pack-n-Go Girls (series). Travel adventure series staring girls from the US who travel to another country, team up with a local friend, and have an adventure or solve a mystery. Current series destinations include Mexico, Thailand, Austria, and the Brazil series is coming in October. (Read the full review here.)

Belly Up (series). Realistic fiction series about a young boy who lives in a zoo because his parents are an animal research and a famous photographer. Humor + mystery = a great read. Book two, Poached, is out now, and Big Game debuts in October. (Read the full review here.)

Phoebe and Her Unicorn (graphic novel). Graphic novels are always a huge hit with my students. This one stars a young girl named Phoebe who is befriended by a sarcastic unicorn. Book two comes next May. (Read the full review here.)

What new books or series are YOU adding to your classroom library?

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