Saturday, January 3, 2015

Challenges and #Nerdlutions

Since I started this blog back in July of last year, this is my first time facing the new year with the idea of blogging and reading challenges dancing through my brain. Thanks for all those who left comments and suggestions recently about challenges to check out!

Reading Challenges

I am planning to actively participate in two different reading challenges this year: the Award-Winning Books Reading Challenge hosted by Gathering Books and the Dive into Diversity Challenge hosted by Reading Wishes and Rather Be Reading Blog.

The Award-Winning Books Reading Challenge is all about reading and reviewing books that have received awards, and you are not limited to just recent books or recent awards. There are multiple levels of participation, based on the number of books during the year. I have my eye set on gold, but we shall see how the year goes. My smaller goal would be to read and review at least one award-winning book per month.

The Dive into Diversity Challenge is all about reading and reviewing diverse books. Since much of my reading and writing for this blog is focused around my third grade curriculum of world geography and world cultures, I felt like this challenge was a natural fit for me! I am really looking forward to finding out about more amazing and diverse books through following along with other challenge participants.


Rather than worrying about year-long resolutions, I love the idea of creating 50-day long #nerdlutions instead! You can read more about #nerdlution15 at Colby Sharp's blog. Here are my ideas for my first set of nerdlutions:

  • Always carry a notebook. After failing miserably to complete Linda Urban's #WriteDaily30 last month, I decided to scale my expectations down significantly. Now that I received an awesome, purse-sized Moleskin for Christmas, I am ready for whatever writing and ideas may come my way!
  • Log books on Goodreads. I have kept a log of books I have read for years (and have the yellow legal pads to attest to it). I switched to Evernote a few years back, but I found my lists are not especially useful for counts or queries. So, I spent a little time over the holidays signing up for Goodreads and am ready to tackle a year full of complete book logging (including picture books, which will be a new one for me). You can follow me at Katie Logonauts.

How are you planning to push yourself in your reading this year?


  1. I think these two reading challenges will be fun--and they also fit with my other reading goals. Congrats on your new Moleskine! They're elegant little books. I have one rule for buying new purses: my writer's notebook has to fit in it!

    1. Thanks! I have currently downsized from my favorite-it-can-fit-a-house-sized purse to a classier one, so I was very excited to receive the skinny Moleskine. Now to find some inspiration ... !


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